Tuesday, May 29, 2012

not forgotten

Hey Gals and Pals,

I know I haven't touched base with you.. but you have not been forgotten.. I will update with a blog on Customer Service.. is it for you and do you give it...?

Im taking my time on this update because I don't want to approach this with just a retail or creditor perspective.. I want to address this from a simple human nature standpoint. I think its time that we all grow up and face ourselves. We not only need to become a greater world.. BUT we need to become better human beings.. we are in deep waters right now.. we cant continue on this way we have to learn how to interact with each other.. we have to learn how to deal with each other .. the way to do this is to learn ourselves and learn how we REALLy tick..

I am a big advocate of excellent customer service!  Every gal and pal that I meet I want to make sure that I am expressing the powerful service.. So stay tuned and be patient with me..


Monday, May 21, 2012


Today one of my coworkers told me "Ginger I cant go on. I cant take this much longer" She was not talking about the job.. she referred to her life. I advised her to think about what she is saying. First of all you are giving into defeat..

You cant allow the situation to take over you.. you have to control the situation. My coworker has a stressful home life.. so she says.. I explained to her that some people have stressful situations but you cant let your feelings control you .. YOU are made to control your feelings. I know this sounds easy .. guess what.. doing it actually is easy.

You take control by encouraging yourself. Dont count on anyone coming by you and giving you Cheery cheerleader all the times.. You have to believe that it will get better.. Can you continue?

.. I advised her that not only can she not give into herself.. she has to let things go that are keeping her in this state of mind.. even if it means that she has to let some PEOPLE go out of her life.. she gave me the ultimate blank stare...

I asked her can you continue? Can you continue to live in misery.. Can you continue to be depressed and sad.. Or can you continue to be happy and at peace.. Which path will you choose?
I believe in a higher power than the things here in this thing called life.. My higher power tells me that I am an overcomer. I am head and not the tail.. I am the lender and not the borrower.. She asked me how can she continue when she doesnt know how to continue..

So i got my Joan Collins voice together and said..

My child just do it.. you have it all inside yourself... search within yourself and find that strength to say I WILL CONTINUE.. I will continue with happiness. I will continue with peace............ I am somebody.. << well that was Jesse Jackson but she got my drift.

Can you continue even when it seems like the road has ended.. Can you continue to move on even when your legs dont move ..

As human beings we have to understand that we can do what ever we want.. we were made to be successful in all areas of our lives.. Nothing should ever get so low you state that you cant go on.. if you have to go buy a sour apple blowpop and a red slushee. make it better for yourself.. never let something take your joy..

Thursday, May 17, 2012


As i began to get comfortable with my empty nest.. i needed to find a new hobby.. the first one i encountered was acting.. I did some small roles in school but i always wanted to be an actress.. besides just running game on folks i met.. LOL.. just kidding.. Seriously once you are bitten with the acting bug it leaves a swelling so huge you just have to burst it.. well March 5,2012 i did just that...

Here is my acting debut with PLAYHOUSE ON THE SQUARE..

And remember im sensitive about me SHAT!!...  LOL.. i really enjoyed myself with this company.. I will be back in the fall of 2012 MOST DEFINITELY.. Stay tuned to that.. I will keep you posted..


I have been thinking about relationships lately.. and i truly value them.. ALL relationships!!.. People come into your life for a reason and a season and they leave for even better reasons.. They stay to teach you about yourself...  I have a few relationships that hold with ultimate value and no matter what they remain unconditional!!

my bestie T..

This has been my homie for 24 years.. She is known in our circle as my momma.. LOL.. I met T in an awkward point in my life.. I was transitioning from young gurl to LIFE.. I learned so many things from her.. ..our friendship is unconditional and I know she is my real friend.. She has been there for me through thick and thin.. she was there when i was wanting to be successful and when i wanted to be ratcheted... she has helped me get money AND draw on a few cars.. LOL.. this is my BFF!!

Now lets speak on professional relationships.. UGH! this can be challenging in itself.. sometimes you find yourself in a professional setting full of goons and goblins.. and its just all wrong.. but you have to be professional.. as long as you keep in mind that its only for a little while.. So to keep it moving! I try to keep in mind that those professional relationships that are not good for me, are  just stepping stones.. i keep a smile on my face and stare straight ahead..

what about that ONE relationships.. they are an ex for a reason.. those relationships are SUPPOSED to teach us a lesson. With every relationship we are supposed to evolve.. but when its time to break up what do you do.. HOPEFULLY you dont just sit and sulk...

sulking can be overcome with a great support system.. T helped through a few of my break ups.. LOL.. During my divorce she supported me by feeding me.. she cooked me fried potatoes with thick fried bacon and eggs over medium and toast with grape jelly and a corona for 30 whole days.. and chile i got over that relationship.... When i got fired from   a job she kept me partying and laughing for days until i found another one..

I value my relationship with T.. we have had 2 arguments in our 24 years.. She is someone who i value and will always have a special place in my heart.. She is my homie for life.. no doubt.. i dedicate this post to her.. T you famous now gurl..

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hey gals and pals...
its early and im running late.. have to go beat the clock for a couple of folks.. UGH!!! i rcvd a SELAH moment from one of my twitter pals.. @funkydineva... she said CHIILE be true to yourself! So today i will be JUST THAT.... ME!.. Im just starting this blog but plan to turn into an inspiring, funny, yet classy spot for JUST YOU.. so stay tuned..

Today i tried a new recipe from tastespotting.com Green Goddess Grilled CheeseSammich
its a little dark cause im rushing. BUT THATS THE WAY I LIKE IT>> (you bet NOT say nothin!!) any way..

2 slices of 100% wheat bread..
2 slices of melty cheese.. (i chose provolne because that is what i had and what I LIKE)
(no american tho, choose a white cheese..)
a few slices of spinach...(raw)
3 slices of fresh avacado
1 table spoon of goat cheese or a few crumbles (however you purchase it..)
1 tablespoon of herb pesto
a few drops of lemon juice
olive oil
and I ADDED a thin slice of raw yet smoked salmon... but you dont have to..

warm the pan with the olive oil.. i added a little butter to the oil but that is if you are not on a diet.. olive oil is the best to cook with.. but DO YOU>>

you add the drops of lemon juice to the pesto.. i added a little sea salt and pepper to taste.. spread it on each slice of bread.. add the cheese to each side of the bread.. then added the spinach leaves and spread the goat cheese on top of the leaves.. or if you bought it crumbled add it.. then add the salmon and place in the pan.. and flip once your bread is the color YOU want it to be..

OMG!! it is sooo good.. i had  barbq pringles and sangria tea with mine.. but DO YOU and you will see being a green goddess is THEE best..

well gals and pals i must rush.. UGH.. but i shall return with more ME>>

thanks so much FUNKY DINEVA.. even though it was just a reply you never know how you can effect someones day.. yall im in a GREAT MOOD>> I wont let fear control me..!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Everlasting Love

Happy Mothers Day to all mothers.. These are my words to my kids today.. Im sure you too feel the same sentiment...

Friday, May 11, 2012

Its not so bad..

Today I woke up with heavy weights on me.. I had to get some rejuvenation .. So I went into one of my many closets that I have gained since my kids left.. While they are messy or just taking fruition I get inspired..

< this is my dressing room.. As you can see I LOVE shoes.. these are a few.. My favorite color is green hence the colored walls.. I will keep you updated on this rooms progress..

This is my dressy closet.. its part of the dressing room and it is coming along.. again i will keep you posted.. Im actually getting a lot of DIY ideas from  Pintrest.. check me out there as well.. gizzzy*

<<<This is my walk in closet.. this is the closet where I keep my everyday wear.. This is where I sit and think and relax..

This is part of my walk in closet.. as you can see the shoes reach the ceiling.. My motto is you can never have too many shoes.. you never know what may come up.. 

.... So after sitting in my closets and thinking of what to wear this is what I came up with this is a DVF tube dress with Gap cardigan and cross-body bag.. simple and to the point..                                                

Now as I go on with my day.. Those weights are gone.. Im ready to face today.. <<Oh this was a selah moment.. A selah moment is when God brings you back to where you belong with a few moments of encouragement and you just know its going to be alright!! .. til next time gals and pals.. <3 ginger!                                                   

Thursday, May 10, 2012



OH YEA..... 

This is my first article that was published in the innovative magazine modelcitizen.. My  article can be found on page 9.. It is titled From the top of my head to the soles of my feet.. I hope you enjoyed it.. I had fun writing it and seeing it published.. thanks Q and Trecie.. ! MUAH! 

a fresh start!!

Today I woke up and said that today would be the beginning of my new life.. I dont want to be all deep.. just want to be ME.. So today I will begin my journey.. Hopefully you will continue to follow me and reap the love that I am sowing.. I will show my love by showing you ME.. all of ME.. from my style to my thoughts to my selah moments.. <<i will explain those as I encounter them..

i will tell you a little about my background.. I have 2 lovely children .. Blake and Lex.. Im so  proud of them.. They are both doing well in college.. Blake is a Senior and Lex is a Freshy...Well NOW snoop is a sophmore.. Im so proud of them.. Being a mom is the greatest position I was ever given.. Well... needless to say they are grown and own their own so I was so focused on them that I forgot about me.. Now that they are gone I had to revisit my vision and found that the focus was not adjustable.. So I prayed and captured another vision and  here I am.. I am going to follow my dream to be a ....... creator!!!!

It all started here.. I wanted to change my image.. I thought these braids were going to work out.. but er um.. they lasted 21 days.. I just couldnt take the sound..LOL..

this is where i am today.. FRESH AND NEW>. my plan is to inspire and give you things to stare at and ponder on, you so that you too wont get lost in the sauce.. here we go gals and pals.. hold on...