Monday, May 21, 2012


Today one of my coworkers told me "Ginger I cant go on. I cant take this much longer" She was not talking about the job.. she referred to her life. I advised her to think about what she is saying. First of all you are giving into defeat..

You cant allow the situation to take over you.. you have to control the situation. My coworker has a stressful home life.. so she says.. I explained to her that some people have stressful situations but you cant let your feelings control you .. YOU are made to control your feelings. I know this sounds easy .. guess what.. doing it actually is easy.

You take control by encouraging yourself. Dont count on anyone coming by you and giving you Cheery cheerleader all the times.. You have to believe that it will get better.. Can you continue?

.. I advised her that not only can she not give into herself.. she has to let things go that are keeping her in this state of mind.. even if it means that she has to let some PEOPLE go out of her life.. she gave me the ultimate blank stare...

I asked her can you continue? Can you continue to live in misery.. Can you continue to be depressed and sad.. Or can you continue to be happy and at peace.. Which path will you choose?
I believe in a higher power than the things here in this thing called life.. My higher power tells me that I am an overcomer. I am head and not the tail.. I am the lender and not the borrower.. She asked me how can she continue when she doesnt know how to continue..

So i got my Joan Collins voice together and said..

My child just do it.. you have it all inside yourself... search within yourself and find that strength to say I WILL CONTINUE.. I will continue with happiness. I will continue with peace............ I am somebody.. << well that was Jesse Jackson but she got my drift.

Can you continue even when it seems like the road has ended.. Can you continue to move on even when your legs dont move ..

As human beings we have to understand that we can do what ever we want.. we were made to be successful in all areas of our lives.. Nothing should ever get so low you state that you cant go on.. if you have to go buy a sour apple blowpop and a red slushee. make it better for yourself.. never let something take your joy..