Thursday, May 10, 2012

a fresh start!!

Today I woke up and said that today would be the beginning of my new life.. I dont want to be all deep.. just want to be ME.. So today I will begin my journey.. Hopefully you will continue to follow me and reap the love that I am sowing.. I will show my love by showing you ME.. all of ME.. from my style to my thoughts to my selah moments.. <<i will explain those as I encounter them..

i will tell you a little about my background.. I have 2 lovely children .. Blake and Lex.. Im so  proud of them.. They are both doing well in college.. Blake is a Senior and Lex is a Freshy...Well NOW snoop is a sophmore.. Im so proud of them.. Being a mom is the greatest position I was ever given.. Well... needless to say they are grown and own their own so I was so focused on them that I forgot about me.. Now that they are gone I had to revisit my vision and found that the focus was not adjustable.. So I prayed and captured another vision and  here I am.. I am going to follow my dream to be a ....... creator!!!!

It all started here.. I wanted to change my image.. I thought these braids were going to work out.. but er um.. they lasted 21 days.. I just couldnt take the sound..LOL..

this is where i am today.. FRESH AND NEW>. my plan is to inspire and give you things to stare at and ponder on, you so that you too wont get lost in the sauce.. here we go gals and pals.. hold on...