Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hey gals and pals...
its early and im running late.. have to go beat the clock for a couple of folks.. UGH!!! i rcvd a SELAH moment from one of my twitter pals.. @funkydineva... she said CHIILE be true to yourself! So today i will be JUST THAT.... ME!.. Im just starting this blog but plan to turn into an inspiring, funny, yet classy spot for JUST YOU.. so stay tuned..

Today i tried a new recipe from tastespotting.com Green Goddess Grilled CheeseSammich
its a little dark cause im rushing. BUT THATS THE WAY I LIKE IT>> (you bet NOT say nothin!!) any way..

2 slices of 100% wheat bread..
2 slices of melty cheese.. (i chose provolne because that is what i had and what I LIKE)
(no american tho, choose a white cheese..)
a few slices of spinach...(raw)
3 slices of fresh avacado
1 table spoon of goat cheese or a few crumbles (however you purchase it..)
1 tablespoon of herb pesto
a few drops of lemon juice
olive oil
and I ADDED a thin slice of raw yet smoked salmon... but you dont have to..

warm the pan with the olive oil.. i added a little butter to the oil but that is if you are not on a diet.. olive oil is the best to cook with.. but DO YOU>>

you add the drops of lemon juice to the pesto.. i added a little sea salt and pepper to taste.. spread it on each slice of bread.. add the cheese to each side of the bread.. then added the spinach leaves and spread the goat cheese on top of the leaves.. or if you bought it crumbled add it.. then add the salmon and place in the pan.. and flip once your bread is the color YOU want it to be..

OMG!! it is sooo good.. i had  barbq pringles and sangria tea with mine.. but DO YOU and you will see being a green goddess is THEE best..

well gals and pals i must rush.. UGH.. but i shall return with more ME>>

thanks so much FUNKY DINEVA.. even though it was just a reply you never know how you can effect someones day.. yall im in a GREAT MOOD>> I wont let fear control me..!!