Friday, May 11, 2012

Its not so bad..

Today I woke up with heavy weights on me.. I had to get some rejuvenation .. So I went into one of my many closets that I have gained since my kids left.. While they are messy or just taking fruition I get inspired..

< this is my dressing room.. As you can see I LOVE shoes.. these are a few.. My favorite color is green hence the colored walls.. I will keep you updated on this rooms progress..

This is my dressy closet.. its part of the dressing room and it is coming along.. again i will keep you posted.. Im actually getting a lot of DIY ideas from  Pintrest.. check me out there as well.. gizzzy*

<<<This is my walk in closet.. this is the closet where I keep my everyday wear.. This is where I sit and think and relax..

This is part of my walk in closet.. as you can see the shoes reach the ceiling.. My motto is you can never have too many shoes.. you never know what may come up.. 

.... So after sitting in my closets and thinking of what to wear this is what I came up with this is a DVF tube dress with Gap cardigan and cross-body bag.. simple and to the point..                                                

Now as I go on with my day.. Those weights are gone.. Im ready to face today.. <<Oh this was a selah moment.. A selah moment is when God brings you back to where you belong with a few moments of encouragement and you just know its going to be alright!! .. til next time gals and pals.. <3 ginger!