Tuesday, May 29, 2012

not forgotten

Hey Gals and Pals,

I know I haven't touched base with you.. but you have not been forgotten.. I will update with a blog on Customer Service.. is it for you and do you give it...?

Im taking my time on this update because I don't want to approach this with just a retail or creditor perspective.. I want to address this from a simple human nature standpoint. I think its time that we all grow up and face ourselves. We not only need to become a greater world.. BUT we need to become better human beings.. we are in deep waters right now.. we cant continue on this way we have to learn how to interact with each other.. we have to learn how to deal with each other .. the way to do this is to learn ourselves and learn how we REALLy tick..

I am a big advocate of excellent customer service!  Every gal and pal that I meet I want to make sure that I am expressing the powerful service.. So stay tuned and be patient with me..