Thursday, May 17, 2012


I have been thinking about relationships lately.. and i truly value them.. ALL relationships!!.. People come into your life for a reason and a season and they leave for even better reasons.. They stay to teach you about yourself...  I have a few relationships that hold with ultimate value and no matter what they remain unconditional!!

my bestie T..

This has been my homie for 24 years.. She is known in our circle as my momma.. LOL.. I met T in an awkward point in my life.. I was transitioning from young gurl to LIFE.. I learned so many things from her.. ..our friendship is unconditional and I know she is my real friend.. She has been there for me through thick and thin.. she was there when i was wanting to be successful and when i wanted to be ratcheted... she has helped me get money AND draw on a few cars.. LOL.. this is my BFF!!

Now lets speak on professional relationships.. UGH! this can be challenging in itself.. sometimes you find yourself in a professional setting full of goons and goblins.. and its just all wrong.. but you have to be professional.. as long as you keep in mind that its only for a little while.. So to keep it moving! I try to keep in mind that those professional relationships that are not good for me, are  just stepping stones.. i keep a smile on my face and stare straight ahead..

what about that ONE relationships.. they are an ex for a reason.. those relationships are SUPPOSED to teach us a lesson. With every relationship we are supposed to evolve.. but when its time to break up what do you do.. HOPEFULLY you dont just sit and sulk...

sulking can be overcome with a great support system.. T helped through a few of my break ups.. LOL.. During my divorce she supported me by feeding me.. she cooked me fried potatoes with thick fried bacon and eggs over medium and toast with grape jelly and a corona for 30 whole days.. and chile i got over that relationship.... When i got fired from   a job she kept me partying and laughing for days until i found another one..

I value my relationship with T.. we have had 2 arguments in our 24 years.. She is someone who i value and will always have a special place in my heart.. She is my homie for life.. no doubt.. i dedicate this post to her.. T you famous now gurl..