Friday, June 1, 2012

what you say....huh.....oh

i was sitting around today.. thinking I need to remain focused.. i have been having a really hard time with this blog.. i want to make it totally me.. i want it to be giving just like me.. i want you to know me.. i dont want anything from you but to listen and apply where applicable.. feel me..

so today i come with it this way.. remain patient.. i know God loves me.. and for that reason im going to let him use me.. im going to give you what he gives me.. and today he let me know that this is mine for the taking.. i believe.. so i will take it..

are you listening.. are you ready.. ?
im not waiting any longer.. im going...... ive been nice .. going to remain in love but i have to go .. i want you to walk with me.. i want to continue to speak with you.. dont go.. just hold on..

okay now that i have you walking beside me.. lets do this.. ~Me