Wednesday, July 4, 2012


hey gals and pals.. 

its 4th of July...YAAAAYYY.. the ultimate summer holiday.. 

yep time to put on those shorts and bug repellent.. and eat plenty of bar b que and beans .. the only day you can really let it all hang loose and have a good time!!.. i just wanted to take some time today and thank God for freedom .. sometimes we take our freedom for granted.. we must cherish it and take advantage of it. there are people in the world who cant even eat when they want to.. they have to wait to they are allowed.. and no this is not in some foreign country.. its right here in the USA.. make  sure you sow seeds of freedom today.. let others see your smile and laughter.. go to an aunt's house and sit and listen to a few stories. go to your grannys house and take her some bar b que.. let freedom ring today.. even if you have no family or friends go to the park and motivate yourself to keep on keepin it on... ya dig.. 

as I promised to be more diligent in my writing i will also promise to continue to sow seeds of freedom and love and prosperity to you in the form of this blog.. and as you can see part of my theme is leaving you with some music from my heart in these moments.. so enjoy this song and today.. 
love ginger

Sunday, July 1, 2012


hey gals and pals.. its the first of the month....

yep.. it most certainly is.. and its officially SUMMER>> i love summertime.. it brings out the best colors, the best clothes, and the best attitudes.. people are feeling free and happy.. not that the other seasons are bad. I just love summertime..

i havent been feeling great about my blogging career.. i sooo want to be a writer.. i want to have a home in the hamptons with sheer curtains that cover a big window with my desk facing the window .. i want soft music to play. i want a fresh glass of wine and soft music in the background to play and i type away .... i would never get writers block..

 for the whole month of JUNE i had writers block.. UUUGGHHH... but how do you UNblock it.. my mind wanders all the time.. i like to think my creativity is on 100 all the time.. but when i say when i get home im going to write. it just doesnt seem to come through.. im going to try really hard this month.. just be patient with me ...